This was the day of the site visit( Childrens Garden of Hope). But first we took a look at the UJIMA (collective work) Garden. At the Children Garden of Hope we broke down into groups and took measurements of the site. We also help clean and soil some of the vegetables and plants. – OBSERVATION OF THE CHILDREN GARDEN OF HOPE We came together and talk about the garden. We notice that it was more sunny which meant it didnt have allot of shade as we thought. We also noticed that it was over grown with allot of trees and plants. Some things that we thought need to be changed was the big compost piles that where, the huge part of the gate that was missing , to close off the vegetable garden(add fence) and it needed a shed plus more tools. Somethings we wanted to add was planters for the vegetables, color(to improve the front), seating / gazebo in the back, and to improve the condition of the mulch pile.

And this sums up Week 1.

Channen F. & Maritza P., Workshop Participants

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