Welcome to ACE Team 5!

We met for the ACE student orientation this week at the School of the Art Institute.  Students were introduced to the ACE program and found out what fun things are in store for them this year!  This year we will be taking a tour of a construction site here in Chicago, learn what architecture, construction, and engineering professionals do all day, and will design a project of our own to present at the end of the program. 

Mentors and students introduced themselves by playing a game of 20 questions to guess the architecture/construction/engineering  related photo stuck to their forehead.  It was clear that we had a great group of students when they were all able to guess their photo (some of the mentors did not).

If you are assigned to Team 5 and were not able to make it to the orientation, please take a look at the Team 5 schedule and join us for our first meeting at Bovis Lend Lease  (One N. Wacker Drive, Suite 850) on Wednesday, October 27th at 4:30pm.

ACE TEAM 5 Schedule

ACE Team 5  Mentor Information/Firm Locations


Team 5 Contacts:

HOK:  BickVanh Cam  bickvanh.cam@hok.com

Bovis Lend Lease:  Chris Brooks  chris.brooks@bovislendlease.com

Halvorson and Partners:  Randy Herbstman  rherbstman@halvorsonandpartners.com

**please contact the host office if you are running late to a meeting



Welcome to the ACE Team 3 page!

ACE Team 3 Mentors are very excited to start a fresh new term with students coming from various high schools throughout the city. Orientation was a success at the School of the Art Institute. Students learned about scholarships and internships that will be awarded at the end of the year during the final team presentation day. Team 3 students met their mentors, which consist of professionals from Perkins + Will (architecture), Turner Construction Company (construction), Primera (mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers), and CE Anderson (structural engineers). ACE Team 3 played a game of Two Truths and a Lie so that students and mentors could get to know each other.

Each ACE Team will be working on a specific design project and throughout the term, students will be learning about architecture, construction, and engineering through presentations and activities. Team 3 mentors have some fun activities planned for the term. There will be a scavenger hunt, a trip to the University of Illinois in Urbana, Champaign (UIUC) and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and much more.

As mentioned during the orientation, this program is technically not free. Students must bring an open mind along with the desire to learn new things.

Check back on this page to see what ACE Team 3 is up to!

Some ACE students from the South Shore neighborhoods of Chicago were invited to tour the new High School on 76th and S. Jeffry.  Highlights of the tour included an appearance by the construction contractor and architects that are responsible for the project!  We will invite South Shore students for a return visit on Tuesday Nov. 02!

Welcome to A.C.E. 2010-2011.  We look forward to another fantastic year serving Chicago’s best and brightest students while introducing the professional fields of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering!  The Chicago chapter of the national A.C.E. program is made up of 7 teams, each team enrolling up to 30 students and led by a group of young professionals in the design and construction industry.  The mentors who lead these teams work at many of the top firms in Chicago and volunteer their time to teach a younger generation about a career in the A.C.E. fields- and have a lot of fun doing it!

The deadline for application to the program is October 04 and we encourage you to explore this page to learn more about the Chicago A.C.E. program.


Thank you!

Thank you to all of the talented and hardworking ACE students who participated this summer; and thank you to the many supporters of our inaugural summer program!

  • ACE Chicago Board of Directors, Associate Board, and Supporting Professional Firms
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Curie Metro High School
  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • Wight Construction
  • West Humboldt Park Development Council
  • the Ujima Community Garden
  • Cobb Connection
  • Arup Engineers
  • Helios Design-Build
  • Studio Talo
  • Cushing Company
  • Gibson Electric
  • Sharchitecture
  • the Rebuilding Exchange
  • Chicago Water Jet
  • the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Landscape Architecture Department
  • Claretian Associates
  • Academy for Global Citizenship
  • Chicago Center for Green Technology
  • Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance
  • Landscapes in Motion photography
  • ..and many individual volunteers!


Director Summary:

These handsome photos were taken earlier in the week.. before final completion.  Eleven Chicago Public School students, all entering their senior year, were responsible for the design and construcion of this rain harvesting garden tool shed!  The shed was built for the Ujima Community Garden on Chicago’s west side, but installed on a temporary site at the Cobb Connection Urban farm (N. St. Louis and W. Franklin Blvd.). 

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work this summer and on a beautiful garden shed design!  Note that the shed was completed aproximately $100 under budget!  Thanks to successful student budgeting and to some timely donations (such as the fabrication of your trellis panels by Chicago Water-Jet, and discounts on our reclaimed wood cladding through the Rebuilding Exchange).  ..if only we had finished on time!

Matt Snoap (ACE Design-Build Director)

Student Summary:

This week for week 7 we are framing and building the wall panels for the tool shed. At the beginning of the week, one group of the team started cutting the reclaimed wood and another group started to stain the reclaimed wood, while other groups started the framing of the wall panels for the shed.  We’ve had little problems here and there, but we fixed them. The second day, we started to construct the wall panels. We just are almost done with the installation of the rain barriers for the wall panels. We are going to put in a window on the south elevation panel. Right now, we have most of the wall panels done for now. All that is left for the panels with the rain barriers is to install the cladding using the cut and stained reclaimed wood.

Next we will start the construction of the roof panels. We will frame them first to have a layout of the roof panels. After that we will install the rain barriers for the roof. We are going to put in two skylights for the roof so that the tool shed can have natural lighting.  And finally we will build the interior shelves and racks. At the end of this week and the beginning of next week, we will be at the site working on the foundation of the tool shed using concrete and tubing for the concrete. We will have the tool shed finished by the end of the 8th and final week.

Steven Monroe (Workshop Participant)

Student Summary:

Week six was a tough week for us. We had a guest speaker come in, Carmen from Gibson Electric Company, he talked about how imporant it is to install electricity the correct way throughout a buildings, highrises, and homes. In his presention he had many complex drawing showing the power boxes, the electric room, how the wires are organize, etc. Carmen also gave us the idea to put some eltricity in our tool shed, so the people who is working inside to see; he suggested sensored lights. As you already know, we was over more budget by $3,000, so we had to redesign the toolshed. As as team, we decided to take away the greenhouse because this alone was $2,000. The client can still put up a greenhouse in the future.The design team had to redo all the cad drawing and hand drawing for the new shed. We still have our unique roofing, but we had to shorten the size. The build team worked on the budget, and made sure we caught up with our schedule. Starting next week we are going to have to start building the shed!

Jenice (workshop participant)