I’m happy to see most people made it back to the office for the meeting on the 29th!  I went ahead and made the assumption that there were a few people still out due to the mass amount of turkey consumed this past week.  My cat Little Tom, went a tad crazy over Thanksgiving.  He’s […]

Hopefully we didn’t scare anyone away last week, talking about all it takes to be an architect.  Yeah it might take a lot of school and commitment, but we have a lot of fun too.  AND, building models and drawing all night is WAY more fun than scouring books for hours on end, studying human […]

I don’t know about your thoughts on the matter, but this past week’s ACE meeting was certainly a success with some super-hot models and all.  Smokin’ hot.  No, literally, I’m pretty sure someone set something on fire when learning how cut foam in the model shop.  (For legal purposes, and for peace of mind to […]

ACE Students, An optional field trip to IIT’s campus has been arranged for next Friday, November 18, from noon to 4pm.  Students will meet with ACE mentors and IIT faculty on campus; we will tour architecture studios, engineering classrooms, student dorms and other campus buildings.  To sign up for the trip, or for more information, […]

Ah fall! The time for pumpkin spice lattes, busting back out the winter coats, and disappointment as my college football team screws itself once again into making its way into a BCS national championship after an overly aggressive pre-season hype. ALSO, it’s time for ACE to return to full swing…it’s the first time I’ve been […]

 Attention Students:  Please join ACE on our annual campus visit at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, coming up Saturday March 12.  The trip is free to all ACE students and includes travel by coach bus, breakfast, lunch and a fantastic and informative tour for all students planning to attend college. We will be hosted upon arrival by […]

ACE students of the South Shore neighborhoods are invited for a third and final tour of the new SS High School, currently under construction and set to open in 2011.  The tour, which is open to invited South-side students, will depart from the corner of 76th street and South Jeffrey at 3:30pm on Tuesday, Nov. 16.  Please dress […]

Some ACE students from the South Shore neighborhoods of Chicago were invited to tour the new High School on 76th and S. Jeffry.  Highlights of the tour included an appearance by the construction contractor and architects that are responsible for the project!  We will invite South Shore students for a return visit on Tuesday Nov. 02!