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All’s Well that Ends Well!

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Unbelievably, the program has come to an end! It has been an unforgettable summer for the entire team, and the final build went great! The feedback to the community was great, and the final workday was met with much anticipation from the neighborhood children. Throughout the summer, the team has not only learned how to design and build a play structure, but gotten to know one another. Now, moving forward, we have become one large ACE family and we are all excited for the next steps in our lives!

Final Wilapa Climbing Structure

Final Wilapa Climbing Structure

Neighborhood Kids Climbing the Wilapa Climber

Neighborhood Kids Climbing the Wilapa Climber

Putting the Final Floor Boards On

Putting the Final Floor Boards On

The ACE Student on Presentation Day

The ACE Student on Presentation Day

Time Flies When You’re Building a Treehouse

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With the last week among us, we are all working hard. Once the lumber came in (Thanks Power Construction for your donation!), we immediately set forth on our journey to complete the Wilapa Tree Play Platform. We started by making the bottom structure, followed by setting up the structure of each of the faces. Teams measured, marked, and cut the wood, learning new wood shop skills and methods. Cedar panels were cut, sanded, and stained, and  railing panels were painted happy colors.








We are super excited to finish! It has been a fantastic 6 weeks getting to know everyone and designing a really cool park!



Two Weeks Left

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With the dwindling amount of weeks left, students and instructors are really feeling the grind of a deadline. The construction documents are nearing finish, after much deliberation and discussion on how the Wilapa tree platform structure will get built.

A visit from Randy B. from HOK also provided much help. Thanks Randy!




physical model detail




Students also created (and finished) a budget and schedule! We are learning valuable methods of how to actually build something from dimensions on paper. Additionally, we are under budget (hooray!). 


  • We have eaten cookies every morning for the past 5 weeks. 
  • The notorious quote, “You don’t realize what you had until it’s gone” proves true (Curie Lunch)
  • Structure is hard



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