Team 7: Weeks 8 & 9 – Scholarships and Project Site

Week 8 was dedicated mostly to starting the online ACE scholarship application. This is the application for all ACE students to apply for college scholarships, summer internships, and the design-build summer program. This is extremely important for all students to do – the likelihood of getting at least one of the three is very high!

More info on the scholarship and a sample application:

Team 7 Week 8 1

On Week 9, we started to look at the siting for our sports museum! We have officially begun work on our group project. During this first week, we took a big-picture look at the museum and the site.

Our site for the museum is on Northerly Island, which is that big peninsula of land that juts out south from Museum Campus in downtown Chicago. The island used to be home to an airport until about 10 years ago, and our site is in the location of the old airport terminal building and parking lot.

Team 7 Week 9 2

Team 7 Week 9 1

We discussed site attributes – how visitors might get to and from the museum and what views would be most desirable. Then we discussed what we want in the museum and began to build a “program.” This refers to all of the pieces that need to go within a building, like 2000 Sq Ft of lobby space or 300 Sq Ft of bathrooms.

We drew bubble diagrams to depict how we would like our spaces to overlap. These are general and broad, and are good during the brainstorming phase to begin to think about how the various spaces will interact with one another.

Team 7 Week 9 3

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