For our first meeting of 2016, we started off with a plan set scavenger hunt.

We broke up into groups and searched through a couple example structural engineering plan sheets to complete the scavenger hunt. Looking at the 22″ x 34″ plans (what we call full-size), we discussed a variety of “tools” used on plan sets, including general notes, legends, north arrows, and callouts. We learned about elevations and sections, how those are shown on the plans with callouts, and what the differences are. It was a great learning experience. These plans are something that a lot of students won’t see until the end of college, usually during an internship.

Team 7 Week 6 1

After the scavenger hunt, we learned about the three options for our team project. The three options that the students will have to choose from are: a theatre, a multi-use lowrise building, and a sports museum. We spent a few minutes discussing pros and cons of each. Next week will be the group discussion and then the project vote! Think about which project you’d most like to work on, and bring your talking points to the meeting next Wednesday!

See you next Wednesday at AS+GG!

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