This week was a big week for our group. Now that tests are over, we had most of our students too! We split up into our groups last night, which will carry us through to the completion of the project.

Students got to choose between three groups: architecture, construction (physical model/site), and structures.

The architecture and structures groups worked together this week to begin “massing” the museum. They took the program of the building – the list of all the required components of the building like the bathrooms, cafeteria, artists’ workspace, exhibits, etc. – and began making scale pieces out of foam blocks. The team worked together to put these masses together to create various floor plans for the art museum.

Team 7 Wk 11 - 2

In the construction group, students and mentors worked together to create a site plan in order to look at the museum surroundings and context. The group took an aerial drawing of the surrounding area and began to mock up a model site out of foam board and colored paper.

Team 7 Wk 11 - 1

All the teams worked hard this week and made great progress. Everyone’s ideas are getting more concrete, so it’ll be exciting to see how the various thoughts will help shape and define the museum space over the next few weeks.

We’ll finish up the physical models into next week, and continue to get more detailed from there. Next week is at ASGG again. See you then!


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