This week was our first week broken up into our team sub-groups. We’ve got 4 groups: construction, engineering, architecture – interiors, and architecture – exterior.

The construction group discussed site logistics of the jobsite location, including the fence perimeter, material staging, site access, haul road, utilities, and tower crane location. We also talked about sheeting of the site, and possible underground activities associated with the construction and excavation, pending the future design of the building and soil type.

Team 7 Project Group 1

The engineering group discussed a lot of components that go into a construction document plan set. A few disciplines included are civil design, structural design, drainage, landscaping, and electrical engineering. After discussing the plan set and some of our engineering manuals, we moved on to analyzing the existing conditions of our site. We looked at the adjacent site area and identified existing right-of-way, curb lines, roadway widths, signage, and stop signs.

Team 7 Project Group 1

The interiors group worked on laying out the different floor plans of the museum. First, we discussed the bubble diagram exercise and important takeaways from all the diagrams done by their peers. Then, the group used color blocks that we “collaged” onto the site to help us organize the spaces as an initial step to create a floor plan. We came up with the first and second levels and are planning to finish the third level (with a roof terrace) next week.

The IIT visit is Monday! Remember your permission forms if you plan to go. Happy President’s Day.

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