This week we started with a few “brain teasers” to get everyone thinking about multiple ways to solve one problem. Good discussion came out of that, including considering different perspectives of a problem and taking into account all user needs.

After recapping our week 9 activities, we then gave abbreviated presentations that covered what each of our 4 project discipline groups would be working on over the remainder of the ACE program.

Our 4 groups moving forward are:

  1. Architecture – Interiors
  2. Architecture – Exterior Wall/”Skin”
  3. Construction – Scheduling, Logistics, and Physical Model
  4. Engineering – Structures, Site Design, Building Systems

Students voted on which group they wanted to be in, and the mentors split them into 4 even teams. While the students will spend a lot of time on details within their discipline area, we will also be doing a lot of coordination between groups!

…only 8 days until scholarship applications are due! …15 days until the annual fundraiser luncheon!

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