We kicked off ACE officially on November 5th with a great presentation and intro to the program. We heard from a number of ACE leaders and ACE veterans before breaking out into teams.

Team 7 Orientation

Turnout for orientation was great! We had plenty of new faces to get to know, parents included. We shared a little bit about what ACE will entail over the next 5 months. Then we met our mentor/mentee buddies and got to know each other a little.

The next week (Week 1), we met even though schools were out for Veteran’s Day. Since not all students could make it, we had a pretty laid back meeting. After eating and discussing ACE a bit more, we went on an office tour of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, our meeting location for most weeks. The students got to see the office layout, the models, and the shop where models are made. Students were full of questions, which was great to see so early in the year. We are all excited for the weeks to come!

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