This week, students and mentors met at CannonDesign’s office to further explore space planning and site strategies for their school. Precedent images of applicable program spaces such as Student Hubs, Maker-Labs, Admin Support/Dining and Bio-Tech Classrooms were presented by mentors from CannonDesign, as well as a massing and adjacency survey that helped students reimagine which parts of the program and site need to engage and interact with one another. The whiteboard wall was used to display the rankings of adjacencies determined from the survey results, further emphasizing the team’s priorities for each space. Following the survey results, the students gathered around their site model for a discussion on how the adjacencies decisions will affect the massing on the site.

After a group discussion, the students broke out into their project teams to translate their ideas into plans and sections. Learning to communicate ideas through drawing helped facilitate a collaborative discussion on how the program spaces will be used as well as visualizing the scale each space will occupy in their portion of the site.


week 9

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