Students and mentors met at Thornton Tomasetti’s office.  CannonDesign gave a presentation to the students to show precedents of the different types of programs and the variety of scale that could be built.  The students were then divided into 6 teams each representing a different program.

  • Team 1: Kitchen / Culinary Lab
  • Team 2: Gym / Fitness Area
  • Team 3: Fabrication Lab
  • Team 4: Theatre
  • Team 5: Digital Lab
  • Team 6: Coffee Shop

Each team was given an 1/8″ scale site plan with building blocks.  Students in each team had to study the required spaces for their program to see what spaces could fit on the site, and the best location for the programs.  The activity allowed students to get a sense of the scale of the site and their proposed ideas.  The teams also discussed with each other which other program their team wanted to be adjacent to and for what reasons.  Each team then presented their proposed block diagrams to the rest of the students and mentors.

week 8

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