The students and Mentors met at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, where the students learned about the process of design.  Students and mentors sat around tables with endless supplies of LEGO.  Each person was asked to make a duck in 3 minutes using Lego pieces.  The students then presented their duck to the rest of the team.  The next exercise was to pass on their duck to the person next to them and they had to improve their new duck.  Then they had to turn the Duck into a building.  Each exercise was designed to teach the students about the design process:  Collecting data, Designing, Improving the design, and adjusting to changes. Students were also asked to draw what they thought the Mentors would like in a street block (office building/ coffee shop etc).  The Mentors were asked to draw what they thought the students would like in a street block. Each team was then given a Lego piece with 4 slots for each of the city blocks. Students and mentors had to work together to build their ideal city block.



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