Week 5 started off with a presentation by Epstein on the idea of the blind continuous line drawing, a drawing that is created without looking at your paper or picking up your pen.  Beginning with an exercise creating line drawings of a chair, the students moved to creating portraits of the person next to them – with hilarious and impressive results!

Best quote from the exercise: “I forgot your mouth, I’m sorry, I can’t go back to it”

Next, we had a presentation from Perkins+Will on interior design and branded environments.  Inspiration pictures of facades/interiors/environments were mounted around the room, and the students were each given stickers to select which pictures they liked.  The concepts from these inspiration pictures will be used to help develop ideas for how our project will eventually come together.

Finally, the best part: MASSING MODELS

The students divided into their groups and used foam cutters, pins and sticky tape to create massing models of their project ideas.  Each group was excited, talking through their concepts with each other and smiling as they presented their work.  Great progress was made.  We can’t wait to see how the projects proceed next time!


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