This week, we focused on Interiors and Branded Environments (BE).

We talked about how Interiors & BE Designers are concerned with studying human interaction and experience. Sometimes, this study involves how materials, furniture, lights and ventilation (among other things) are used in conjunction with spatial constructs of walls, ceilings and floors to create an atmosphere for the space. While Interior Design focuses more on the interior of built structures, Branded Environments may extend to the exterior of buildings and throughout neighborhoods in an effort to create a cohesive sense of large places. Both disciplines are always concerned with expressing the tone, sentiments and wishes of the specific client. For example, one client may prefer a more clean, contemporary design because they feel it expresses their brand/company more accurately. Verses, another client who may wish to show their customers a more traditional experience because it may better reflect the needs and wants of their customer base.


Breaking up into smaller groups after our presentation, we talked about how different aesthetic choices can determine the overall tone and statement of what we believe our design should relay to a more broad audience.





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