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For week 4, we started to delve into aspects of Site Analysis:

  • what is the typical wind pattern of our site?
  • wind speed?
  • what typical average temperatures does our site experience?
  • humidity?
  • precipitation?
  • how does the sun fall on the site/sun orientation?
  • what are routes of pedestrian traffic? public transportation? bike traffic? water transportation? roads?
  • are there landmarks around our site? where?
  • what is the topography of our site?
  • how is our site zoned?
  • what views of the city can be seen from our site? which views do we want to preserve? are there views seen from the site that may want to be hidden?


How does all of the above define the context of our site? Is one aspect of the above more important than others? If so, why? Or, why not?

How will answers to the above inform the design of our building?


After asking ourselves these questions- we put it on the map. Using diagramming and simple notation, we marked up how the items above would influence the site of our building.


We are one step further in the design of our building!












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