ACE Team 2

Week 6 – December 19, 2017

In a slight change of plans, Team 2 moved up college night. The construction site tour originally planned was cancelled because of politics between the owner and the city of Chicago. The timing worked out well though, with many of the students in team 2 either in the process of applying to college, already accepted to college, or starting to think about the process. Mentors filled out and presented a survey which showed the diverse experiences and options available in and after college.

Mentors were eager to communicate lessons learned and answer any questions students had about life after high school. The diversity of mentors, from hometown, major, activities participated in, and careers post grad, showed the students how many options were available to them. Some of the results from the survey:

College Night 4 College Night 1 College Night 6College Night 2 College Night 3 College Night 5

Mentors explained the importance of being involved and finding something that you are passionate in. College is a great opportunity to try out new things and the mentors hope that students take full advantage!

Next week: continuing to develop the CIRT project site.

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