ACE Team 2

Week 5 – December 12, 2017

 This week Team 2 made some great progress toward developing and programming the site for the CIRT competition. The group started out discussing research done as homework. Students conducted a site analysis on the Woodlawn area to see what the area was in need of. They came up with this list:

  • Everything in walking distance
  • Only 10% use CTA; 67% have cars
  • Abandoned apartments, 18% vacant parking lots
  • Colombian Expo 1893
  • 1960s: jazz clubs, financial area
  • Fieldhouse north of #2
  • 1946: conservation area, but didn’t happen
  • 1968:Civil Rights History
  • Majority black
  • 81,000, 27,000 people gradual decline
  • No major retail
  • Plans to renovate CTA stop
  • Lakefront community
  • U of C
  • Lots of parks
  • Obama library in Jackson Park

2017-12-12 17.27.25

Next, HDR gave a presentation about site analysis and programming. Students learned how ideas go from initial concept all the way to construction. Architects start with an idea, and then create bubble diagrams to figure out general locations. Then they create plan layouts, and then develop the plans in a program like Revit. Students participated in a plan & section activity, where they learned how to draw 3D objects in 2D from different views.

Students then used the researched information and the information from the presentation to start programming for the projects. They broke up into groups and discussed what would be the best uses for the three areas.

2017-12-12 18.00.13
2017-12-12 18.04.15

The group convened and each group proposed their ideas. After a great discussion, the group decided on the following uses:

  • Building 2: Combination of a community center and a green space/roof
  • Building 3: Multiuse space including a performance space and a space for social services
  • Building 6: Serve as a connector between 2 and 3

The team will develop these ideas in the coming months.

Next up: college day.

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