Concept… Design… Make a Wall Brainstorm…Words.. Images..

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

-Andy Warhol

So we missed week 7 because it was freezing outside but… Week 8… We had some great presentations including a very interesting look into Biophilia by VOA’s Jose Barajas and great information about the Maggie Daley Plaza! All presentations can be found on the Google drive…If you have any trouble accessing the drive please email your mentors!! Next on the agenda that day: firsthand conceptual design.. we searched through magazines to find inspirational images of what we all thought our new site could be… backstory: we chose a site in Chicago that needed to be revitalized and ideas were spewing… and we even had a few differences of opinion! Way to go ACEers! That’s the spirit.. keep up your opinionated conversations.. they will take you places! What a great start. Can’t wait to go actually visit the site and be able to do some site analysis. This will start to assign some guidelines and methods to the madness of possibilities!


Important Files:

See Google Drive (Email Mentor for Links)


Next Meeting:

Breah’s Advice: (Thursday, January 22) at the VOA Office, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14, from 5-7pm (same place as last week).  We’re going to have a short presentation and dinner and then we’re going to head out to our site to do a little research.  We will be leaving the VOA office promptly at 5:40 – so do not be late!  It’s about 5 blocks from the VOA office, so be sure to wear both comfortable shoes and warm clothing!!  Additionally, be sure to bring a writing utensil and maybe a notebook or something to use as a hard writing surface, as we’ll be collecting info on the go.

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