TEAM 1 // WEEK 7

Bridge Analysis…

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”

-Isaac Newton

What: Site Analysis Presentation + Bridge Site Visit

Where: Gilbane, 225 West Wacker, Suite 2160 (Floor 21)

When: Thursday, January 14, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Why: Site Analysis is an important initial step to a project. During this meeting, we discussed the various site factors that one should look for when on a potential project site. We also stressed the importance of physically visiting your site to understand the phenomena that make a site unique. This could be views to and from the site, the sounds, the smells, the psychological effect it has on its occupants–I.e. Did you feel safe?  Every site is unique, even among the bridges that each of the groups were assigned to… there are special attributes for each bridge… which I am sure we will discover this coming week when we compare notes. Students were divided into groups to analyze the bridges along Wacker Drive. Tune in next week for a detailed comparison. See the link provided below for photos from each site visit (link TBD…check back soon).




Important Files:

2015_CIRT Design Competion Boards FINAL <<<<IMPORTANT! CHECK THIS OUT


Blog Quiz:

Do some research and find a unique and interesting bridge that you think has a concept that could be applied to the Wacker Bridges. Do not just find the first thing that pops up in Google. Spend some time to find something that you find really inspirational and perhaps something that no one knows about. The bridge could be something from a fictional movie, a conceptual design, or actually built. Try to think outside the box in your selection. Describe in detail what makes this the right fit for Chicago.

*Note: Answer this question by next Thursday to possibly receive a prize. Answer by emailing your response to We would love to hear your thoughts! It can be brief, and do not be afraid to speak up!!

Next Meeting Where: VOA Associates, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400

Next Meeting When: Thursday, Jan 21, 5:00 – 7:00 pm


Bridge Design/ Redesign and Construction Challenge-What to consider for this week’s design discussion:

How should it move?  What might it look like?  What is it built out of?  And more importantly…WHY should we use your groups bridge?  How does it connect to the area around it?  What spaces around it might make it more successful than the other bridges over the Chicago River?  Could we get money from the city because we’re preserving a historic landmark?  Essentially, why is your groups bridge the best bridge to renovate or rebuild?



2016 ACE Chicago Scholarship App_Student Instructions_FINAL_01_15_16

2016 ACE Scholarship App_School_Recommendation_Form

We will be going over all the information on Thursday.

                -Deadline: Friday, February 12

                -Request a Letter of Recommendation now! Give your teachers time to write something!

                -Obtain a transcript

                -Specify whether you’re applying for Scholarships, Internships, Design-Build Workshop

                -Notification: Wednesday, April 6 at ACE Final Presentation




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