Program… Site Planning… Team Design…

“Just as a spider spins it’s web, people make things that affect the world… There’s nothing more natural…”

-Guy I met on a plane (works for Apple)

(arguing against the notion that the world is artificial because man has transformed it)

 Week 10 was a great chance to put to paper what we learned on the site visit. We broke up into teams in order to collaborate on existing site conditions and to imagine what could be on the site. We had a lovely presentation about programming and using bubble diagrams t0 find adjacencies (similar programs that need to be near one another versus programs that should not be together). As we were exercising our design minds, mentors took note that there were some similar ideas floating around. This is good because that means we are all on the same page. Yet we also have a few deviations which is great because this is the reason why we collaborate in design… Two heads are always better than one… We presented our master plan ideas to the group and we were able to narrow our thoughts to one programming plan idea. Keep in mind, all of those other ideas from each group can still be incorporated into the winning design! We just needed a base to start developing.

This coming week we are going to further develop our site and start putting together preliminary floorplans, structure, and logistics.  So come ready to cover some ground, designing is the fun part!

 Also, if you haven’t already, please ask a teacher, counselor, boss, etc. to write a recommendation letter for you for your ACE scholarship.

Scholarships are due Friday, February 20!!!!

Important Files:

Instructions to help you fill out the on-line application

ACE 2015_Scholarship Instructions to Students

Teacher / counselor recommendation form (there’s one that you can get in the on-line application as well)

ACE 2015_School_Recommendation_Form

A sample of the ACE Scholarship Application – to show you how easy it is to fill out!!

ACE 2015_Scholarship Application Form_REFERENCE ONLY



Next Meeting:

 Thursday February 5

We’ll be meeting at the VOA Office, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14.

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