ACE Alumni Scholarships

The annual ACE Alumni Scholarship and the Eli W. Cohen Scholarship will be awarded to two students who have exhibited outstanding academic performance, compelling personal character and an ongoing commitment to ACE’s mission to inform and excite high school students about career opportunities in the ACE fields. Both awards are offered to encourage excellence at post-secondary levels and to bridge our support of ACE students from high school graduation to an eventual career in the design or construction industry. See further details below regarding each award, eligibility and the application process.

Eli W. Cohen Scholarship

  • Sponsored by the family of Eli W. Cohen, a renowned structural engineer who helped shape the Chicago skyline and founded the consulting firm that eventually became Thornton Tomasetti. The Cohen family will participate in the selection of the scholarship recipient.
  • Recurring $2,000 award paid annually for a maximum of 3 years until graduation
  • Eligibility: Chicago alumni pursuing an engineering degree. Qualified applicants must have completed at least 1 year of post-secondary education.

ACE Alumni Scholarship

  • Sponsored by the ACE Associate Board
  • One-time $2,500 scholarship
  • Eligibility: Chicago ACE alumni seeking a degree in the field of Architecture, Construction, Engineering, or related disciplines at the undergraduate or graduate level. Qualified applicants must have completed at least 1 year of post-secondary education.

Applicants interested in one or both of these scholarships must submit the following documents for consideration by Tuesday, June 30, 2015 to with the subject heading “ACE Alumni Scholarship 2015”:

  • Resume and cover letter, including the dates of enrollment in the ACE program
  • Personal statement reflecting on your experiences in the ACE program and highlighting your commitment to the design and/or construction industries (approx. 1-2 typed pages)
  • Official transcript(s) reflecting coursework through Spring 2015
  • Letter of recommendation written by an employer, teacher, mentor or other person familiar with your collegiate or professional work (letter should be sealed/signed & confidential, and may not be written by a member of the ACE Executive or Associate Board)
  • Additional items, such as architectural portfolios should not be submitted and will not be reviewed.
  • Please indicate if you are interested in the ACE Alumni Scholarship, the Eli W. Cohen scholarship or both, if eligible.

Hard copies of transcripts and/or references should be mailed to:ACE Alumni Scholarship

c/o Jessica Hogue
GREC Architects
645 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 300
Chicago, Illinois 60611

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