Week 1+2 Down, Off to a Superb Start

The students are learning the site like the back of their hands. After group discussion about the current site and features we all agree on, we broke into three teams, the Site Model team, Site Plan team, and Design Features team. 


Group discussions
Group discussions
Breaking the formwork
Breaking the formwork

SITE MODEL TEAM (Jesus, Patty, Mike, AshleyAnn)

The context of the site is nearly completed with zero injuries. They handle those Xactos and power tools with the utmost care and safety. 

SITE PLAN TEAM (Daniel, Marcus, Armando, Lissette, Ernest)

It was a bit tricky in the beginning, but they conquered all of the issues with the topography, sidewalks, dimensions, etc. The placement of trees was a pain, but they did it! 

Site Plan team working hard
Site Plan team working hard

DESIGN FEATURES TEAM (Both Josh’s, Melly, Lesley, Rachel, Emily)

They went from literally a blank sheet of paper to detailed designs of really interesting play features. Getting design block was tough, but they pushed forward. 


Design team
Design team

Additionally, Congratulations to the winners of the t-shirt design competition! It was a ferocious battle, but AshleyAnn and Marcus were voted the best of the best. They combined their designs and created a really rad shirt. The order is in. T-shirts coming soon to a wood shop near you.


Sidenote: We all agree on Wilapa

Thanks for the pizza, Mario!
Thanks for the pizza, Mario! We devoured it.

1 thought on “Week 1+2 Down, Off to a Superb Start”

  1. GREAT JOB students!

    FULL SPEED AHEAD with your work, but don’t skimp on the details.

    (Gotta give my shirt order to Matt now!)

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