Team 2 – Week 5

After a delicious dinner at HDR’s new office, the students were taught how to scale drawings using an engineer’s scale. The team broke up into smaller groups and worked on designing the marketplace on paper. Each team had to use their newly learned scaling abilities to allocate the appropriate square footages for the rooms that they designed. When each group was finished, the entire team compared various room layouts and discussed their ideas and challenges with their designs.

Week 5_pic1Week 5_pic2











For the second half of the meeting, the students used collage making to captivate three-dimensional ideas on a two-dimensional medium. By combining picture cut-outs of buildings and structures from magazines, each group designed their own structures. The exercise was used to show how collage making can be a tool for analysis and design.  Architects often use collages to see how various ideas can be incorporated into one design.

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