2020 ACE Design Build Workshop Week 7

We are in the final stretch! During our final week, the students really got to work on transforming the landscape of the site into their dream design. The students also finalized their PowerPoint slides for their big presentation on Friday. 

On Monday and Tuesday,  the students installed the benches and, with help from our carpenter allies, erected the column posts for the canopy. We also received our shipment of plants for our planters and bench designs. 

A couple of our students were preparing the ground for the bench installation. 

A student securing the post into the ground using an impact driver. 

A group of students working on the corner planter installation. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, the students and our carpenter allies continued to work on the canopy construction and completed the planter installation for the bench. The students also broke off into groups with some groups working on laying gravel and mulch while the others worked on a new planter box next to the bench. 

Some of the students and professionals are designing a new planter intervention on site. 

Some of the students and their T.A. are laying gravel and mulch in the back. 

A couple of students are constructing the moveable seating blocks they designed earlier in the program. 


The students also helped the carpenters’ choose the design for their polycarbonate roofing. 

The students took a socially distant group photo for all of their family and viewers to witness.

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