The site visit is always a mentor and student favorite. At this week’s meeting, we met at Power’s site office in Streeterville before heading out to see two of their sites on Northwestern’s downtown campus. We started out learning about the projects. The first was the new Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) building. It’s a […]

There aren’t too many updates from this week, but progress definitely continued! The architecture group began to look at the final presentation. The outline is in the works, and the group now has a better grasp as to what deliverables will be needed and what topics will need to be discussed during the presentations on […]

One week closer to final design! We started this week off with a project coordination meeting. The structural group presented their ideas to the architectural group and asked for feedback. The architects liked most of the structural ideas and layouts presented, so it was a relatively easy coordination meeting. After the coordination meeting, the groups […]

Team 7 has been busy over the last few weeks! The three groups continue to work on individual assignments within their specialty (architecture, structural design, or construction and scheduling) but there is plenty of collaboration between groups in order to keep things moving efficiently. The architecture group made a lot of progress over the past […]