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Week 07 Summary: Site Installation

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Week 06 Summary: Prefabrication

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..student work on the Inverted Umbrella Trumpet Flower began with prefabrication of major elements at Curie HS.  By the end of the week, half of the team was on site digging foundations and pouring concrete into our premade formwork. far, so good!

Week 05 Summary: Construction Mobilization

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Student Summary:


  • Todd talked to us about the restructuring of Lincoln Park that Studio Gang did. He also gave us opinions of our structure (and donated $20 to our budget. Thanks Todd!)
  • Adopted the metal flashing idea for the inside material of the inverted umbrella.
  • Received a rough quoted for the lumber.
  • Started final CAD model.


  • Started the elevation model.
  • Began to adopt the concrete foundation.
  • Finished foundation plan (concrete!).
  • Started sign design.


  • Updated the lumber quote.
  • Started CAD drawings of details.
  • Began hand-drawn perspective drawings.
  • Finalized model.


  • Ordered the pathway and boulders.
  • Continued the CAD drawings.
  • Finished model.
  • Finished sign design.
  • Started designing formwork.


  • Went to site and;

-began digging (ran into bricks, shingles, and electrical wires)

-layed out the pathway

-moved site of structure farther back (closer to vegetable garden)

  • Went to Menard’s and bought;

-screws, bolts, chicken wire, metal flashing, (and snacks)

Week 4 Summary Final Design

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We split into two groups, construction group and design group. The construction group is in charge of modeling, budget, schedule, and materials list. The design group is in charge of all drawings. Dominic visited and explained pavillion at Lincoln Park Zoo. Also, he gave us a list of drawings that we need to complete.


We started drawings recomended by Dominic, the new model, and finalizing the budget and schedual. Also, Matt brought in some inspirational pictures!


We started, yet again, a NEW model, continued the budget and worked on CAD revisions and elevations.


RANDY RETURNS!! (he said he was sick but really wasn’t sick… maybe he was sick of us??? idk) Made new revisions to the foundation plan and updated plans and elevations.


We went on a field trip to Lee Lumber. There we received a rough estimate of our material cost, and Bill gave us very helpful suggestions. We also went to a landscaping company and picked out samples of pathways and boulders that would work for our seating.

Week 3 Summary Design Development

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-We worked on a schedule and budget with Aash

-Assembled the laser cut trellis

-Worked on site and model drawings


-Worked on CAD drawings

-Worked on Models (clay and physical)

-continued work on schedule and budget


-Worked on perspective drawings

-worked on AuoCAD and SketchUp Drawings

-worked on 1/2″ scale model


-Remade models

-finished the powerpoint presentation

-last minute change in the design

-finalized the drawings

-finished the CAD drawings


-Client Meeting


—Umbrella idea

—location in back

—completion of the path


—children’s planter beds

—save trumpet vine

—adding color to structure behind the latus

—tables at different heights


—Location of structure in front

—filter and overall maintenance

—overflow (capacity of the rain barrel)

—concern of metal chicken wire being stolen off of the structure

Week 2 Summary: Design Development

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  • Finished T-shirts
  • Started Model
  • AutoCAD drawings/SketchUp Model
  • Learned how to use illustrator/Exacto knife


  • Structural Engineering Presentation (powerpoint)
  1. Liveloads (things that move)/dead loads (stationary objects)
  • Foundations
  1. the larger the structure, the deeper the foundation
  2. below the frostline (42″) – min. depth
  3. High rise (80′-90′-foundation)
  4. concrete slabs (3″-6″)
  • tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion (FORCES)
  1. wood(cannot pull)
  2. concrete (compression)
  3. reinforced concrete (Steel rods in concrete)
  • continued models and drawings (computer model, site model, AutoCAD, Stechup drewings)

Wednesday: NO CLASS (4th of July)


  • worked on design for rain collecting structure (inverted Umbrella)
  1. Discussed materials
  2. possible Materials
  3. incorporate seating
  4. featuring an ornamental element (Blend with nature)
  5. Finished Models (site), drawings (AutoCAD)


  • Went to Adrian Smith/Gordon Gill Architecture Firm
  1. Used laser cutter to create trellis
  2. Saw the model shop
  • Visited the Pavillion @ Lincoln Park Zoo-Designed by Jeanne Gang from Studio Gang Architecture FIrm

Week 01 Site Visit!

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This was the day of the site visit( Childrens Garden of Hope). But first we took a look at the UJIMA (collective work) Garden. At the Children Garden of Hope we broke down into groups and took measurements of the site. We also help clean and soil some of the vegetables and plants. – OBSERVATION OF THE CHILDREN GARDEN OF HOPE We came together and talk about the garden. We notice that it was more sunny which meant it didnt have allot of shade as we thought. We also noticed that it was over grown with allot of trees and plants. Some things that we thought need to be changed was the big compost piles that where, the huge part of the gate that was missing , to close off the vegetable garden(add fence) and it needed a shed plus more tools. Somethings we wanted to add was planters for the vegetables, color(to improve the front), seating / gazebo in the back, and to improve the condition of the mulch pile.

And this sums up Week 1.

Channen F. & Maritza P., Workshop Participants

Week 01 Summary

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As a group we choose a T-Shirt design winner. We also researched and analyzed Chicago rain fall for collecting water on site( Childrens Garden of Hope). We look up precendent projects that are similair to what we are doing to help with our ideas and designs.


We Practice with plan,section and elevations view using a bell pepper to show the different views of one object. We alse measured the woodworking room to scale and drew out the plan view.


In groups we finalized our brainstorming and then came together and presented our research. Finally we continued with our concepted designs.


We took a trip to a site called ‘The Plant”. It was an example of a closed loopeco-system9net zero). The Plat used Aquaponics to grow plants and vegetables and to products energy. It also had an community kitchen and an annarobic digester (cloosed loop energy system). Finallly we went over the desgin process and the build process.

cont. to next post..


Orientation / Charrette

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Student Summary:

On Thursday, the first day of the workshop, we were introduced to each other and our host school, Currie Metropolitan. We had our woodshop orientation where we leaned power tool safety and general shop safety. Also, we had our first day in the Architecture lab, and understand what tools we will be using throughout the workshop. To end the day, we were to start thinking about t-shirt designs for the team.

Friday, we arrived at our first design charrette.  The clients from Neighbor Space, an organization supporting gardens throughout the city, and members of the garden (Maria, Patina, Audria, and Rachael) arrived bright and early to greet and explain to us what they would like in a small community garden known as the Children’s Garden of Hope. We went through a slide show explaining to the clients and to us what the Design-Build Workshop is. From there, we split into four different groups containing a member of our clients to talk about possible ideas and designs. A large portion of the ideas involved rainwater harvesting and there many forms of that idea were designed.

Marcus, Workshop Participant

Summer Workshop – Readings

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Carpenter_Tectonics in Architectural Education_students

Tygart_Drury University Design Build

Bandanes_The Architect as Builder

Readings are due on Thursday June 28.


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